Auditing: A Practical Approach, 2nd Edition 

Author(s): Robin Moroney, Fiona Campbell, Jane Hamilton

ISBN: 9781118377901

Published: Nov 2014

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons 



Auditing: a Practical Approach 2e focuses on how audits are conducted in practice. In addition to covering the essential topics of auditing, the text provides greater insight into how an audit is conducted and the issues that are of greatest concern to practising auditors. As each chapter unfolds, students are introduced to the various stages of an audit. Key auditing concepts are addressed in a succinct manner, making them easily understandable. To underpin this approach, each chapter begins with a diagrammatic representation of the stages of an audit, with the current stage highlighted as we progress through the text. The diagram provides a useful reference point to ground the discussion in each chapter to the relevant stage in the audit process.

To underpin the discussion of how an audit is conducted, the authors have used a case study of a hypothetical client, Cloud 9. The discussion in each chapter is kept general, with our case study providing an example of how the general principles behind each audit may be applied in practice. By using this approach, students are provided with a continuing example of how the concepts discussed may apply in practice.

The Cloud 9 case study provides a flexible learning tool to be used within an auditing and assurance course. Details about Cloud 9 and its audit are provided in each chapter to give an insight into how an audit is conducted, the issues that auditors face at each stage of an audit, and the processes used to gather evidence and arrive at conclusions. The case materials can form the basis of class discussions, student role plays or online exchanges between students. At the end of each chapter, a case-study problem is set using Cloud 9 as a basis. These problems can be used as part of the weekly tutorial program, or as an assignment for students to work on individually or in groups (or some combination of the two).

ACFI3005 Auditing: A Practical Approach, 2nd Edition

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