Title: Business & Society: Ethics, Sustainability & Stakeholder Management (Mindtap Course List)

Edition: 10

Author: Carroll, Archie B

ISBN: 9781305959828


About this book: 

Demonstrate for your students the importance of business ethics, sustainability, and stakeholder management from a strong managerial perspective with Carroll, Brown and Buchholtz's BUSINESS AND SOCIETY: ETHICS, SUSTAINABILITY, AND STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT, 10E. Your students will learn how effective business decision makers can balance and protect the interests of various stakeholders, including investors, employees, consumers, the community, and the environment. Students will also discover how strong business decision-making skills are particularly important as today's businesses continue to recover from a perilous financial period. The latest content throughout this edition helps further emphasize the social, legal, political, and ethical responsibilities of today's businesses to both external and internal stakeholder groups.

Business & Society: Ethics, Sustainability & Stakeholder Management