Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications & Issues, 6th Edition

Author(s): Judith Goodenough

ISBN: 9780134045443

Published: Jan 2016

Publisher: Pearson 



For courses in non-majors biology.

Helps students learn the concepts and applications of human biology using relevant topics and realistic scenarios.

Known for its unique “Special Topic” chapters and emphasis on everyday health concerns, the Sixth Edition of Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications, and Issues continues to personalize the study of human biology using a conversational writing style, vibrant, easy-to-follow illustrations, abundant applications, and a new emphasis on using everyday science literacy skills. The authors provide a practical, friendly introduction to the study of the human body, preparing students to navigate today’s rapidly expanding and shifting world of health information.

Each chapter now features brand-new “Consider This Case” exercises and “Finding and Evaluating Information” activities that challenge students to think critically and apply their knowledge to solve real-world cases. Along with scientific updates and content improvements throughout the text, The Sixth Edition also includes a new “Special Topic” chapter on the Obesity Epidemic.

ENVS2620 Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications & Issues 6th Edition