Authors: Ray H.Garrison, Eric W.Noreen, Peter C.Bower, Nam Sang Cheng, Katherine C.K.Yuen

ISBN: 9781259011825

Published: Jun 2014

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill 


Managerial Accounting Asia Global Edition, 2nd edition is the definitive managerial accounting textbook. Designed to make studying productive and hassle-free by focusing on the three important qualities: relevance, accuracy, and clarity, its helpful pedagogical features act as a beacon of light to help students sail smoothly through the course.

Key Features

  • New Asian content relevant to the Asia-Pacific environment is included.
  • Business Focus stories open each chapter, allowing students to apply the information and insights found in the text to the world outside the classroom.
  • In Business and In Government boxes together with Managerial Accounting in Action offer further real-world examples to show how accounting concepts are applied to solve everyday business problems.
  • New techniques and framework-based methods help students better understand and handle difficult topics.
  • Excellent end-of-chapter review and discussion material provides accurate, current, and relevant practice for students.

Managerial Accounting (Asia Global Edition), 2nd edition