Management: 5th Asia-Pacific Edition, 5th Edition 

Author(s): John R. Schermerhorn, Jr.Paul Davidson, David Poole, 

Peter Woods, Alan Simon, Ellen McBarron

ISBN: 9781118362525

Published: Jun 2013

Copyright Year: 2014

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons 



The fifth edition of this text has been thoroughly updated, continuing its strong emphasis on the importance of the Asian region to contemporary Australian and New Zealand organisations. Many Asian case examples are featured to illustrate key management concepts, and these provide a useful basis for comparison with management practices in Australia and New Zealand.

Numerous practical examples throughout the text highlight contemporary management issues, such as:

  • workplace diversity
  • sustainability
  • ethics/corporate social responsibility
  • the impact of technology
  • innovation in the workplace
  • globalisation
  • employee engagement
  • flexible working arrangements
  • work-life balance
  • generational issues in the workplace
  • skills shortages in various industries
  • the importance of effective employee recruitment and training
  • organisational culture
  • workforce flexibility and casualisation
  • the ‘24/7’ nature of contemporary communication technology, including social media
  • outsourcing

Management, 5th Asia Pacific edition, has also retained the features that have made previous editions so popular with students and lecturers, including the Career Readiness Workbook activities at the end of the book, and the accompanying Interactive Study Guide with its vast array of multimedia resources.

MNGT1001 Management: 5th Asia-Pacific Edition, 5th Edition