ISBN: 9789814446389

Published: Jan 2017

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer 


The Singapore GST Compliance Handbook (5th Edition) is a handy reference guide on GST compliance issues. Now in its fifth edition, it continues to be an essential guide for finance and accounting professionals and GST administrators.

It helps readers to understand fundamental GST concepts, learn about the approaches and the underlying basis for compiling GST returns, and how to avoid common pitfalls in complying with GST. Besides systematically explaining the principles, the book also covers GST schemes that are available for companies.

The law in this book stands as at 1 November 2016.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Best practice – Provides guidance on GST treatments that are in compliance with the tax law and IRAS regulations and guidelines.
  • Improves compliance – Readers are guided through complex areas of GST application and guided to make proper tax filing.
  • Clear explanations – Clear commentary on the rules, law and practice governing GST in Singapore helps readers understand how to apply GST. Illustrations, checklists and references to relevant legislation and IRAS guidelines further aids understanding.

Singapore GST Compliance Handbook, 5th edition