Author(s): Judy Craft, BAppSc (Hons), PhD, Christopher Gordon, RN, MExSc, PhD, Sue E. Huether, RN, PhD, Kathryn L. McCance, RN, PhD and Valentina L. Brashers, MD

ISBN: 9780729541602

Published: Oct 2014

Publisher: Elsevier



Understanding Pathophysiology, 2nd Edition has been extensively revised to include the most current science, clinical case material and pharmacology of pathophysiology, in an easy-to-understand and accessible format.

Beginning with essential concepts, the text examines the normal structure and function of each body system, followed by the alterations to that system caused by disease. Conditions particularly relevant to children and to the ageing are described in separate sections in each chapter to demonstrate disease processes across the life span.

Key Features 

· Concept maps - demonstrating key concepts addressed in each chapter

· Focus on Learning boxes, summarizing the key points in each chapter

· Australian and New Zealand clinical terminology

· Current health statistics to assist with the identification of conditions with the highest incidence, prevalence and relevance in our communities

· Expert contributors who provide both scientific and clinical knowledge

· End-of-chapter review questions with answers available via Evolve.

Understanding Pathophysiology ANZ Adaptation, 2nd edition